Learning Not to Teach

When black is white and up is down, maybe we’ll already be “Learning to Not Teach” thanks to Jerry B. Harvey.

One of the most important skills I have learned as a university professor is how to not teach. In fact, I gave up trying to teach long ago. Fortunately, I haven’t given up trying to learn.

This article, then, is about teaching and learning. It consists of a series of personal statements, questions, hypotheses, conclusions, descriptions, and observations about learning, teaching and learning to not teach. As best I can tell, the series doesn’t follow any logical sequence. Learning seldom follows any logical sequence. Teaching does. I hope you find the material to be of interest.

Is the list that follows the two introductory paragraphs quoted above serious or facetious? I’m not sure because some of the points make a lot of sense while others seem written with humor as the slant. At any rate, it’s a good read.

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